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UK Country Music Awards


This last year has been pretty surreal for us! We’ve played C2C twice, opened for The Stereophonics, Jess Glynne and Heather Small, recorded with some top musicians, toured Nashville and released our second album Never Slowin’ Down among other things! But one thing that we have yet to do is be nominated for a UK Country Music Award. It would mean the world to us if you guys could follow the link below and nominate us for UK Country Group of the Year and “ORFILA-Never Slowin’ Down” for UK Country Album of the Year! If you vote for us please make sure that you only vote once. If you’ve already voted for us in the past please DO NOT vote again! Thanks ya’ll!

Lou xx

Music Monday: It’s Yours If You Want It

It’s Monday… Go get em’!!

Start as you mean to go on – have an awesome week!

Lou xx

Music Monday: Dream Big

Happy Monday!

Here’s this week’s ‘Music Monday’ choice. This is a song close to my heart. I love the message behind it:
“When you dream, dream big”

Lou xx

Bank Holiday Weekend Gigs!


We had such a great evening at Blue Fish Cabaret Wine Bar -LA SALLE VERTE CAFE last night! Thank you to all those who came along to watch. Next stop, we are playing in Westerham at the Beating of the Bounds event TOMORROW! Stage times: 11:30-12pm and 1:30-2pm. Cant wait!

Here’s the link for the Beating of the Bounds event for more info:

Lou xx

Music Monday: Motivation

“Oh if there’s one thing to be taught, it’s dreams are made to be caught”

Here’s this week’s #MusicMonday song choice. A song I hope inspires you to go get ’em!

Lou xx

Gig: The Sound Lounge – London

What a joy and honour it was to play at the Sound Lounge last night with the Orfs supporting Katy Hurt. Such an awesome venue. Music, fairy lights, candles and a ‘Nashville’ vibe and I’m sold!!! Thank you to all those who came along!

Lou xx

ORFILA: The Sound Lounge

This is happening TONIGHT!

Can’t wait to play at the Sound Lounge in London with the Orfs!

Lou xx

Music Monday: The Fighter РKeith Urban + Carrie Underwood 

Happy Monday! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Easter weekend!! Here’s my song of the week:

Love this song!

Lou xx

Motown vs Beautiful!

We went to see ‘Motown’ for a second time and I must say, it’s just as incredible a second time around! It’s currently running at the Shaftesbury Theatre in the West End. 

Personally, I love musicals that tell stories, go behind the scenes, giving us as an audience a glimpse into a character’s journey. I love this show for that. It gives us an insight into the creation and development of Motown as a music genre and although it doesn’t go into great depth, the show still includes critical moments of the ‘Motown’ timeline. It also includes classic Motown hits that we all know and love!

Those who know me well, know how much of a ‘voice-geek’ I am.  The vocal performances in this show are flawless. Especially from Cedric Neal, who plays Berry Gordy. Absolutely incredible. The ensemble pieces are amazing too – vocal blending is on point! (Which, of course, made me so happy!)
We also went to see ‘Beautiful’ this week, which is currently running at the Aldwych Theatre in the West End. This show is now up there with my favourites.

Again, this show follows a journey. This time about the legendary Carole King… And what an incredible songwriter and artist she is! Like I said, I personally love musicals like this. Not only do we learn things about Carole King’s music career, we learn about her life and the highs and lows that come with being in the music industry. It was also great to learn about the musical journeys of Gerry Goffin, Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil as well. 

Both productions are fantastic in their own way. From set, to costumes, to casting, to music and vocal arrangements, to the stories. For me, they’re incredible. 

It’s near on impossible for me to pick a favourite stage show (musical or play) as I love so many things about each one I’ve seen. But these two are up there… with about 10 others!! 

Lou xx